Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Resources via social media

Being a mother of twins I often find myself housebound minus the necessary trips to the grocery store etc... Making it to the MOM ( mothers of multiples) monthly meetings never makes it to even the top 10 things on my priority list. Honestly if I hadn't read in all those parenting books about how important it is to get out of the house everyday I would probably just make my husband do most of the errands before he came home from work. Getting errands done let alone socializing with other moms involves a lot of planning and quite frankly it's exhausting.

We are so lucky to be living during this time of super fast social media. Well there are ups and downs but today I'm all for the ups.

This post has taken a week to write due to Zeke and Xander's new fascination with climbing on the (non working) wood stove among other daredevil type feats. So...

Here are some helpful resources and groups:

Facebook pages:

Mothering Multiples: breastfeeding and caring for twins or more

Nonviolent Parenting ( you'll want posts from this page to show up in your news feed during rough moments)

Facebook group:

Naturally Parenting twins

Yahoo group:

AP multiples (attachment parenting)


These are only a few resources of the many that are out there. After spending sleepless nights between nursing babies with only my iPhone to entertain me, I was able to narrow it down for myself. I urge you to do the same. A sympathetic post from a fellow mom of twins can really be helpful when you are pulling your hair out and chasing after crazy babies.

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