Friday, August 12, 2011

Long time no post.

A lot of fun & summer has gone by since my last entry. A few days after the drive-in we went down to Bethel Woods (where Woodstock was held) and saw the Dead. I wanted the babies first show to be special and I couldn't think of a more perfect way to introduce them to the scene. Before the show we went into the woodstock museum, which takes about 4 hours to really soak in, according to the museum volunteers. We definitely plan on going back just for the museum. Matthew put it most appropriately as he passed the threshold: "Corinne, this is our Graceland". It was one of those moments when you realize your partner understands you more that you know.

It was a beautiful day, the crowd was chill, and the venue was pristine. We found a great spot up on the hill where the music wasn't too loud and there were other families dancing around with their kids under the shade of the perfectly landscaped trees. It was a great show and an amazing day. The babies even slept most of the way there and back, which is pretty outstanding for a 3 hour trip.

Hanging out in the shade of our sweet minivan, waiting for the show to begin.

This is the land that surrounds the amphitheater. There were no fences to keep us out, we were free to roam as we pleased. Well, not exactly. There were peace police driving around keeping concert goers corralled but we got the go-ahead because I was breastfeeding. It was pretty great getting that kind of special treatment. 

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