Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lake Sunappee in July

So now that August is almost over I thought I'd add some pictures that were taken in July. I was holding out because I wanted to add some detail but haven't felt inspired or found the time. Twins are exhausting! So here are some pictures with captions:

This is Briar, our noble steed with Michelle & Matthew in the kitchen

back porch, lake Sunapee, NH

Joanna getting ready for the bbq

Ayla and her brother Jacob 

Mia feeding her cousin

Matthew & Xander

Michelle showing Mia how to hold Zeke

Liz with her lovely babies

Play time. The hula hoops were a big hit.

Blueberry picking up the road!

So many blueberries!!!

We found a fairy house on the way home!

Mom's 55th birthday cake! Gluten free peach upside-down cake. Delicious!!!

Bacon & Babies in the morning

The "Estate"

The Corinne-Aurora Clan

Mom & her friend Nancy

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  1. Hi Corinne,

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures again. What a good time!! This weekend is family work weekend
    at The Ledges. Maybe you guys could come help at the spring opening when the babies are a little older. The more the merrier.
    Love to you, Mom