Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome Autumn!

Last month Phish put on a benefit concert for the flood victims of Vermont at the Champlain Valley Expo Center in Essex, VT. The last time Phish played in Vermont was their farewell concert in Coventry back in 2004. Matthew and I went to a family wedding in western New York and missed that sad muddy weekend. But thankfully they cleaned up their act and got back together! We were pretty stoked to hear that Phish was playing in VT again.

Now that we have babies there is a little more thought into the planning of such adventures. Our friend Aurora suggested silicone earplugs for the babies because they are still too young to wear the noise canceling headphones for kids. I also packed Matthew's sweet hiking hip pack that holds 2 water bottles to carry diaper supplies and extra onsies.

The babies and I had a good feeding session before getting in the van and they slept the whole way up. It was amazing and relaxing. The day was beautiful out and we could see the Adirondacks and Green Mountains on either side of us and we drove up 22A to northern Vermont. I even got some knitting out of the way.

The whole day was terrific. There was no stopped traffic getting in and once we got there we found our friends fairly quickly. We wore the babies in our slings and got ready to go.

The family & Joe heading into the Phish show. The bottle I'm holding
is raspberry ginger ale.

Alby & Aurora, they came all the way from Boston & NYC to see the show.

I think everyone was a little over joyous that not only were they going to see Phish in VT but they were supporting a good cause as well.

There were lots of people siked to see the babies there. We kept getting head nods, thumbs up, and whispers "babies first Phish show, right on!"

Ezekiel waiting in line 

We tried to sit in the grandstands at first but then realized the roof trapped all the smoke from the concert goers and held in all the sound too. We were worried the babies were going to have a hard time so we quickly moved on to the back side of the crowd where we found all the other families. There was plenty of room to dance and breathe. Eventually we got the rest of the group to migrate over to us. I remember a few years ago wanting to be as close to the stage as possible, but I've learned that it's so much nicer to be with friends where there's room to shake it and it's not so loud we loose our voices talking to each other.

Super fun amazing friends 

They played all my favorite old songs. I felt like I was driving around town on a Saturday night with friends back in 1998. Here's the set list if you're into that sort of thing:

Phish @ Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, VT 9/14/11

Set 1: Chalk Dust Torture, The Moma Dance > NICU, Funky Bitch, Sample in a Jar, Cavern, Bathtub Gin, Alaska > Possum, Wolfman’s Brother > Julius
Set 2: Carini[1] > Down with Disease[1] > Slave to the Traffic Light > Rock and Roll > Twist > Backwards Down the Number Line, Theme From the Bottom > Suzy Greenberg > Character Zero
Encore: Loving Cup
It was so much fun :-)

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