Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cool music for little people.

When I was pregnant I had planned on listening to only classical music once the babies were born.

What a laugh!

 Well, that rarely happens, but I have managed to cut back considerably on the music I usually listen too. You think that your music could potentially be suitable for kids until you're in the car with them listening to Lady Gaga or Led Zeppelin and you realize how loud and fast your music really is, especially for babies about to take a nap.

So I did a bit of looking around and found three albums I am particularly fond of. They are actually cool enough so you don't feel like a large purple dinosaur is slowly stealing your soul day in and day out.

Ziggy Marley, Family Time Reggae is an ideal chill beat to get away with around kids when they're up and playing. I like to play this album in the morning, by the time it's over they're ready for the first nap of the day. It's so good I get it stuck in my head and end up singing it to the babies, which is great because I've been having some serious brain freeze lately and for some reason end up singing "you're a grand old flag" as a random go to.

The second album I've been listening to during their play time is Natalie Merchant, Leave Your Sleep. I love this album. Every song has a different sound and it's all kid friendly. I think that it is an album Zeke and Xander will grow up with and cherish when they're older.

And one of my favorites, Jerry Garcia & David Grismand, Not for kids only. My husband and I have been listening to this album for years and only until recently realized I should still be celebrating this album in full throttle. I love Teddy Bears Picnic, it's such a fun lullaby to sing to the babies.

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