Friday, July 8, 2011

Home Alone

Well, the only adult in the house anyway...

My husband Matthew has gone off to the Camp Bisco music festival to work with a friend selling t-shirts for the next few days and my mother won't be able to come until Saturday morning. So I am home with my good friend Briar (a.k.a. best dog EVER) and the cutest set of 8 week old fraternal twins in upstate New York, Xander & Ezekiel. 

Xander Leaf & Ezekiel Moon

This will be the longest period of time I've had alone with my babies. I'll have to admit at first I was scared but it's been almost 8 hours and everyone seems to be okay, aside from very little napping and a bit more crying than usual. So far I have started a blog, started baked beans in the crock pot, changed diapers, nursed babies, and taken some lovely pictures. I am hoping that the next 15 or so hours will maintain its chill productivity. 

Here is the view from the window by the changing table:

It's good to have something nice to look at while changing poopy diapers!

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