Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Perfect Place

Oh my goodness! Yesterday was over 90 degrees and super muggy. A good friend of ours called up and invited us to his property for a swim. There are two ponds on his land and I never considered swimming in either of them. Usually when I think of swimming in a pond the first thing that comes to mind is slime and lots of plants on the bottom that tickle my feet and make me paranoid that some weird creature is going to take a bite out of my foot. But it felt like the air was on fire and there was no way I was leaving the house unless water was involved so I took a chance.


The water was perfect. Not too cold but refreshing so that you just didn't want to get out. I wore my chocos so the little bit of mush at the bottom didn't even bother me. The pond is man made so there were specifically dug out areas where it was either waist deep or straight down 10 feet, perfect for diving. I love swimming and I love the water. Except murky water, I have an unnatural fear of weird vicious animals lurking in murky water. This pond was exceptionally see-through.

It was so hot outside we decided to take a chance with the babies and see if they liked the pond too. I don't know if they loved it but they seemed to find it refreshing.

I'm so glad we went to the pond! It turned a sweltering day into a wonderful one.

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