Friday, June 8, 2012

My formula for driving long distances with toddler twins.

It's not easy. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare either. Traveling with toddlers is a magical dance of syncing nap times with the longest part of your traveling and breaking up the distance with as many budget friendly options as possible.

Traveling by car has its ups and down. On one hand you have your own space to stuff as many distractions and snacks as possible. On the other hand they are stuck in their car seat for potentially long periods of time which is every toddlers nightmare.

My husband and I usually try to pack the car the night before so that we are ready to go when the babies are ready for their first nap of the day. Once they wake up we will stop at a rest area to change them and walk them around. Giving them a change of scenery will sometimes distract them from the fact that you will be putting them back in their seats.

Once you are on the road, sit between them (if possible) and offer them a boob or a snack. After snack time is over offer them some toys that they only get to play with in the car, sing to them ( pandora makes some great kids channels), and once they are done with all of that, try pulling over and taking them for a walk or somewhere they can play. Restaurants after lunch rush are usually empty and make a great spot to chase after your twins. It's all about wearing them out for their next nap.

Also reaching out to friends and family is a great way to break up a road trip. In my experience baby twins are like fabulous celebrities that everyone wants to spend time with. Take advantage of this new found stardom while you can and save some money on a hotel room. We co sleep with our babies and they never complain about sleeping in a new spot as long as we're there with them.

Always bring lots of extra clothing and a camera for moments like this. 
Matthew and I love these hand-me-down hiking carriers. The babies love the POV and they each come with their own backpack. 
Our friend Arden showing Xander her glow sticks from the night before. We love our portable highchairs. They are perfect for camping. 
Zeke and Xander stretching their legs at LL Bean. I had just finished nursing them in the camping section. 
Exekiel grabbing the sunscreen getting ready to hit the beach.

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